Although we've helped our clients win bucketloads of awards for their marketing activities, winning the B2BMarketing best Corporate Targeted Decision Maker Campaign ourselves was a real highlight .

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Helping you get face-to-face with your customer CxOs

We have current and extensive experience in the commercial property sector, with as a building owner ourselves, and through working with companies likeMite, Interserve BIFM and RICS

We have extensive contacts at Operational Board level across the UK's largest commercial occupiers, bd regularly engage with them on behalf of clients.

With a background that includes publishing the UK's largest Logistics Trade taels, we are very comfortable in the sector. We have delivered several strategic projects identifying new opportunities and trends.

We are very fluent in the world of AI and automated logistics, as well as having deep contacts and expertise in road, rail and aviation.

With a client list that spans form Apple to Xerox, we've worked with many of the leading IT disrupters and helped break several household names in to the EU..

Our MarTech experience covers every aspect of enterprise and online activities including e-commerce and ERP.


It's a fallacy that strategic decisions are made off the back of web research

The more senior your target the more clever you need to be to reach them

Our research among C-Suite Managers shows that they are very unlikely tp be contactable through the day-to-day marketing activities of suppliers

The chart shows the percentages of survey we conducted among 200CxOs into their information gathering habits, and underscores the importance they place on strategic engagement.

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Examine your marketing output and see how well it covers these key themes for CxOs

  • Changes in legislation60%
  • Improving competitive edge80%
  • Enabling business growth50%
  • Understanding new trends55%
  • New ways to do business45%
  • I really value The Marketing Doctors' counsel, and have worked with them for many years, in many roles. Their  help in developing strategy, creating new opportunities, engagement activities and events, has always been really valuable to me because they will pick up an idea and run with it, then deliver me back a complete solution.
    Kevin Green
    Director of Marketing & Communications, FTA
  • I've worked with the Marketing Doctors for about a decade now in different companies and choose them because I get the best advice, a fantastic service, really deep understanding of our business and its challenges, excellent value, and above all outstanding results.
    Gemma Mullen
    EMEA Marketing Director, Avalara Inc.
  • Working with the Marketing Doctors didn't just create new business opportunities for us - over £1bn worth in total - It helped us re-define they way we approached and engaged with the market. From digging around in the race to the bottom on price we moved to understanding the strategic challenges they faced, and being able to change our entire go-to-market approach.
    David Noel, Strategic Sales & Marketing Director, Mitie
  • Whenever I'm invited to an event hosted by the Marketing Doctors I make sure I can get there, because I learn so much. I don't care that they are sponsored, because they only work with very smart companies, and there's alway the opportunity to do better business by meeting people who know more about something than I do.
  • I've never understood how people can expect me to take time to see them, when they have no understanding about my business, let alone the strategic issues we face operating a regional airport. Unless you understand your customers thoroughly, how can you hope to influence their thinking?
  • I've never understood why suppliers think I'm going to throw away years of practical experience with enterprise systems and adopt their whizz-bang new technology on the back of a single-sided A4 case study that tells me nothing about how this is going to create new opportunities for my business. They really do need to do a lot better to get my attention