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Over the last 25 years we've worked for some amazing clients - Below are a few of those we've worked with in the last few years...

It's very difficult to put our work into a traditional pigeonhole, because we do so many different aspects off marketing. These client experiences show the breadth of expertise.

If we don't have the skills in house, we bring them in through a very proficient team of designers, film-makers and other specialists, to create a complete and successful project.

From engaging the press to engaging customers

We started to build engagement programmes 25 years ago working for Computacenter.

They stayed with us for 12 years as a client and we've enjoyed many similarly long-term relationships, even though we don't do retainers, or tie clients into fixed term contracts.

We really do believe we're only as good as our last job.

These examples show just some of the work we've been doing of late.

Over the last 25 years, we've also worked with some of the most recognisable names in B2B and Business Marketing

We've delivered all manner of programmes for them, from leading EU-wide PR activities to engaging with they most senior customers. We've run events and activities, and produced hundreds of thousands of words of content. You may well recognise a few of them...